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Bathroom Tilers in Wisconsin

Installing new tile can breathe new life into an otherwise unremarkable bathroom. Many people underestimate the precision required when installing tiling and will attempt to install their desired tile themselves. Poorly installed tiles in your bathroom not only look improper, but are prone to breakage over time. Avoid a DIY disaster by having a skilled professional install new tiling in your bathroom.

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Tiles offer a beautiful and functional material to cover bathroom floors and walls. With proper installation, bathroom tiling can last an entire lifetime.

Our team of contractors have been installing ceramic, granite, porcelain, and marble tile for over 20 years. United Stoneworks will formulate and install any tile-based design you would like.

Replace Your Fiberglass Shower with Tile

Replace your fiberglass shower with tile for a more durable, customizable, and valuable addition to your bathroom. Tile is easier to clean and won’t crack or break, unlike fiberglass. If tiles are damaged, they can easily be replaced without having to replace the entire shower. Tile increases the value of your home, as potential buyers are more attracted to modern and stylish showers. 

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